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Bristol Soaps

Our website is under construction, more to come, watch this space!

Soap weight

Each soap is approximately between 85 and 100 grams.

Soap shapes

At the moment we use about 10 different  shapes.

We live and work in Bristol, and as many of our friends and relatives from abroad visit us, they always ask us for something “Made in Bristol” to take home.

Who We Are

We are a group of enthusiasts who are passionate about Bristol and soaps!

As the soaps are very popular and useful items, easy to take in the luggage and relatively inexpensive, we thought that soaps would be a pretty little thing to produce.

We are a brand new company, just venturing out and are full of hope that you will like our product!

Who We Do

All soaps are made using only 100% pure natural essential oils.

The oils are of highest quality. At the moment we are using Eucalyptus, Lavender, Lime, Sweet Orange and Olive Essential Oils.

We are planning to expand our range in the nearest future, please get in touch if you have a specific wish.

Each one of our soaps is individually hand-made, wrapped and labelled.

Our Services

We use water based dyes in our soaps.

At the moment we are using Cranberry Red, Green, Turquoise, Violet and Yellow Colourants and we combine them to achieve interesting combinations. In the future we are planning to use water based pigments (best suited to opaque soaps) as well as more water based dyes.

Our Prices

Just to £2.00 per soap!


Free for orders over £40.00  within Bristol